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Full Movie: Leigh Raven's Chamber

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Full Movie: Leigh Raven's Chamber

Leigh Raven's Chamber

When you requested a slave session with Leigh Raven, you knew it would be intense. This girl is going to make you earn the privilege of calling her mistress. Today is all about her, so you better not flinch, hell, you better not even bat an eyelid, especially when she's tying you up, paddling your thighs, or biting your cock. As far as Leigh is concerned, you are nothing more than her toy, so do what you're told. If she wants you to lick her asshole, you lick it, if she wants you to make her cum, you do it, if she wants to put clothes pins on your dick, well, you get the idea. Be the slave you were born to be and fuck this tattooed goddess in all of her holes - but only when she tells you.

Released:Mar 14, 2020
Length:45 min

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